Open Call

On February 10th 2021, the AT Impact Fund launched its first global open call for applications. Application deadline 21.02.21, 11.59am (GMT).

The problems we are looking to address with this open call:

At least 135 million Africans are without access to much-needed AT solutions. Those without access are mostly likely low income, and/or live in an LMIC. To fix this, there are three key problems we look to address:

1. There is a lack of access to AT: There are simply not enough companies providing AT solutions in LMICs. Companies which do work in this space are mostly NGOs, and where AT product does exist in LMICs, it struggles to get to rural and low income users

2. There is a lack of a sustainable local ecosystem: The whole sector is still very reliant on grant funding. There is very little local manufacturing of AT and even less infrastructure available to provide on-going provision or support - this results in AT companies feeling like they have to do it "all" themselves.

3. Devices are often not appropriate and affordable for users: AT product in Africa is often imported and low quality in order to keep prices down. Commercial AT providers often lack the incentive to offer more affordable options - all of this results in huge rates of AT abandonment.

Who should apply?

For profits & startups

We can help you scale up your operations whilst providing the runway needed to get closer to product market fit.

NGO's & not-for-profits

Work with us to align your organisations mission with the need for a more sustainable sector.

Entrepreneurs in adjacent industries

Enable the growth of AT companies/sector through innovative manufacturing, financing or distribution models.

Anyone else

If you think you can play an active part in solving the problems outline above, then please consider applying.

What are we offering?

Our fund facilitates the growth of the AT sector by combining grant capital with expert-led venture-building support. Successful applicants can expect to receive:

- Up to £200k of grant funding
- 6 months of hands on Venture Building support and follow on coaching from world-leading experts

- Access to a growing global network of disability pioneers
- Brokering and matchmaking new kinds of partnerships

Investment timeline:

10th February: Launch event and call opens

11th-19th February: Support clinics to assist with proposals (book here)

21st February: Call deadline

5th March: Shortlisted applicants notified

8th - 16th March: Pitch day preparation

17th March: Pitch day

29th March: Successful applicants notified

Get started on your application today

Further info:

- You can book a 30 minute support clinic, where a member of our team can assist you with your proposal here.
- You can find the presentation from our launch event here.
- You can see our answers from the Q&A section of the launch event here.
- The questions asked in the proposal form can be found in a word document version here, to help prepare any responses.
- You can find an example of our Grant Agreement here.
- You can find an example of our due diligence process.
- Deadline for applications: 21.02.21, 11.59am (GMT)