The AT Impact Fund was established to better enable frontier technology solutions to reach people with disabilities in Africa, and to test business models that are most likely to succeed.

Globally, there are a lot of very strong, clinically validated AT solutions that have the potential to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. But they often lack a business and distribution model that could scale sustainably in African markets, leaving at least 135 million Africans without access to much-needed AT solutions.

Our team has paved the way for disability innovation globally, built business models for the distributed energy market, accelerated FinTech and EdTech startups across Africa, and now we’re applying all these learnings and expertise to the world of Assistive Tech.

Every company in our portfolio will be provided with:

Access to capital

Grant capital plus in-kind venture-building support to companies that are ready to test a business model for sustainable scale in Africa. We will also provide smaller grant ticket sizes plus venture-building support to early-stage companies.

Bespoke venture-building support

Venture-building support, tailored to meet the needs of each organisation. Our programme runs for 18 months, from September 2020. With each company having our support over a 6-12 month window within this period.


If you:

  • Are an entrepreneur committed to bringing AT innovations (e.g. hearing assessment and hearing aid devices, eye testing and eyeglasses, prosthetics solutions and innovative means of their production, mobility solutions etc.) to people with disabilities in Africa
  • Are looking to scale your AT innovation in an African market(s)
  • Have some evidence of business model traction in an African market

or if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur growing a distribution, financing or innovative manufacturing venture that could play a role getting AT to the populations in Africa

Then this program is for you. Please apply now or get in touch.

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Our team

AT Impact Fund has been launched out of the UK aid funded AT2030 programme, led by the Global Disability Innovation (GDI) Hub. It is operationalised as a collaboration between GDI Hub, Brink, and Catalyst Fund as venture partner, providing deep expertise in AT, innovation and venture-building in Africa respectively.

Sponsors and partners